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I have made almost ten short films in the past two years and am planning the next one as I type this, the story should be finalized hopefully in the near future. All my independent films have been near the same darker, grittier style. I think the movie style I’ve been drawn towards is the same focus as my self motivated movie projects. All my movies have had a darker grainy edge to them that I think mainstream movies are pulling away from and going for the happy ending love stories

Bannock Point

In my movies stories I try and give them that new idea that hasn't been done before, or take parts of ideas that could really be worked with to make them my own and better. Within my movies I'm always trying to put people in a new situations and environments that you don’t usually see people in. I want to give the audience something new and entertaining.
- Hayden O'Brien

A Brief History of My Movie Making

I have always been attracted to the darker, gritty Film Noar style of movie making, I think it’s because I’ve always hated the “Chick Flick” type of movies, not just because of the content but because they are just boring to watch. I like noticing the cool camera angles, the editing that you can notice, not just flipping back and forth between peoples faces, but the shots and scenes that make you look at them and think “Wow that was sweet I wish I could do that.”

I really got into movie making in my graduating class of 2004, there weren’t any film or movie making courses available at my school, and I needed to have one more class since I dropped out of English Literature. I was waiting to see the school councilor to sign me up for some other class that wasn’t full and I wanted to take, well I was sitting in the waiting room flipping through a booklet of correspondence courses when my interests were peaked. “Film and Television” was what it was called, so when I went in to talk to the councilor I showed it to him and asked him what he thought.

“You wouldn’t like that; it’s not for you… Blah Blah Blah.” Well a week went by and I was still had no course to take, then I was looking through the booklet again when my assistant principal came up and asked me what I was looking at, I showed it to him. His reaction was the same as the councilor “Don’t take this course you wouldn’t like it.” Well I went home and talked to my parents and decided to take the course (screw what those teachers thought). Starting almost three weeks late and no support by the teachers, I dove head first into teaching myself about movie making. At the end of the course I finished with a 98% average and a aim for where I wanted to go with my life. That’s how I got into making these films and it’s just the beginning.

I’m hoping to enter a lot of my movies in film festivals around here, but first I need to get some musicians to create some original songs that I will be able to use for each of my movies. Right now all my films are using music created by professional music artists, and in the end I want everything to be original and legit for an original film.
- Hayden O'Brien

Making Movies

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These are some of the movies that I have made in the past two years, most of them were self motivated but some of them were school projects, and almost all of them I just handed in as school projects. If you can pull off what you love to do then why not combine personal life with working life.

"Written in Blood" - 2006
Hitman story, I was very rushed and didn't have enough time to finish it how I wanted to

"Raw Tactics" - 2006
I had the script finished but I ran out of time and people to film it so close to the end of the school year.

"Severed" - 2006
24 Hour Film Competition - we had 24 hours to make everything to do with a movie start to finish, me and my partner won.

"The Herd" - 2006
Documentry on our college class (The Herd), this was a class project, it was all filmed without the rest of the class knowing.

"Experimentation" - 2005
A short silent film me and my girlfriend made the weekend before it was due. "Best in the class" quote by my film teacher. One of my favorite movies I've made.

These are just some of the movies I've made while attending Selkirk College, I hope I can get back into the movie makeing again and hopefully I can update this page with new movies I finish.
- Hayden O'Brien

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Nov 13, 2006:
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