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My name is Hayden O'Brien. I am a 20 year old college graduate with a college diploma for Multimedia Production and Design in my hand. I attended Selkirk College in Nelson B.C. for the past two years learning everything from web design, film making, 3D to basic animation and much more in between. I have done a few jobs as a tech support for conferences but I'm really on the lookout for some film jobs at the moment.

Bannock Point

I have really been drawn to the film making of the whole multimedia bit, and have finished five short films of my own, and am working on a new film in my spare time, some have been assignments, but some have been self guided, which allows me to really break loose from the "school appropriate" work. I haven't really found an area in film that I gravitate to more than the others, basically I love doing all the different parts of making a movie from coming up with the new edgy idea to editing the raw footage to polishing it off. So in the future I'm really hoping to get into the film industry and make the big bucks so I can make some sweet movies. - Hayden O'Brien


I enjoy designing pictures, web pages, video graphics, posters etc. and have gotten into some music parts, writing lyrics and playing around with music mixers on my computer.

I enjoy most types of music except for pop, country, and lots of the mainstream rap and hip hop even though that's my favorite type of music ( not the mainstream stuff but the underground stuff that not as many people hear about. )


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Well many things have happened since I graduated college, I moved to Vancouver, didn't really enjoy that to much so I moved back. Once back in the Kootenays I got a job with a moving company, it started off good, working 5 days a week getting paid $12/hour but I got the job with them right at the end of moving season so I worked steady for about a month but now I worked once in the past two weeks so I'm in the search again for a new source of income. I got a contract job with a youth group (IYC) as the head technical support for a conference they put on. I felt much more at home dealing with cables and computers rather than couches and boxes, so I'm on the look out for more tech jobs or anything around technology. In the long run I want to get some money saved up so I can start school again in September 2007 to take a film course so I can take my film making to the next level.

I don't really have any solid plans right now, just get money and join the rat race of mankind to make a living.

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Nov 13, 2006:
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